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Article: Buona Puglia Food Festival 2022: Agrimaggiore is among the Apulian agri-food excellences

Buona Puglia Food Festival 2022: Agrimaggiore è tra le eccellenze pugliesi dell’agroalimentare

Buona Puglia Food Festival 2022: Agrimaggiore is among the Apulian agri-food excellences

From 01 to 03 July 2022 prepare your taste buds!

The Buona Puglia Food Festival 2022 is back, the event that brings to the attention of the public the excellence of the agri-food sector, i.e. the sector which, together with tourism, has made the image of Puglia famous in the world and we at Agrimaggiore will be the official sponsor of the demonstration .

The unique setting of the event will be one of the most beautiful places in regional history and culture, the Castle of Barletta , an architectural jewel modeled between the 11th and 18th centuries and today home to the city's museum complex which for the occasion will remain open and accessible to visitors. visitors.

The event - organized by the Association "Buona Puglia - Gusto to visit" includes chefs, restaurateurs, hoteliers and Apulian producers operating online and will be presented by Nick Difino (author, popularizer of food-culture and television presenter) and Fiorella Perrone (historian and food and wine editor for Gambero Rosso) and will be divided into two sections which the public will be able to enjoy simultaneously from 1st to 3rd July: the first is the Agri-Food Excellence Market, which inside the Castle will offer, from 6.00pm to 12.00am, the best of the artisanal agri-food productions of Puglia presented by 60 selected exhibitors.

The other section of the Festival is Rosati in Terra di Rosati, entirely dedicated to one of the most valuable wine productions of Puglia, that of rosé wines which for years have been protagonists of a national and international success in exponential growth favored by their freshness and ease of pairing.

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