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Article: Agrimaggiore and the Gambero Rosso Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tour

Agrimaggiore e il Tour Extravergine di oliva Gambero Rosso

Agrimaggiore and the Gambero Rosso Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tour

Involving, educating, disseminating are just some of the principles from which to start in order to bring consumers closer to the fascinating world of extra virgin olive oil.

Despite being the basis of the Mediterranean diet , extra virgin olive oil remains a little-known food due to its intrinsic characteristics and its ability to enhance a dish.

It is therefore of fundamental importance to be able to recognize the quality of an extra virgin olive oil, which to be considered such must not present any defects, both on an olfactory and gustatory level.

More or less intense aromas, such as field grass, tomato leaves and almond husk, or the strong flavor that touches bitter and spicy notes, are the characteristics to be taken into consideration for the correct evaluation of a quality oil .

We at Agrimaggiore , an organic farm, believe it is very important to spread the culture of extra virgin olive oil, not only to operators in the food and wine sector, but also to the final consumer in order to give value to our products and at the same time allow customers to appreciate the true flavor of extra virgin olive oil.

Starting from these ideals we decided to create only quality products for our customers and thus start our business project. In a short time, this vision of ours has rewarded us, in fact we have won several very prestigious international awards dedicated to the world of extra virgin olive oil and we have thus become part of the Gambero Rosso "Oli d'Italia 2022" guide .

Our inclusion in the guide, together with the best extra virgin olive oils in Italy , allowed us to participate in the first Extra Virgin Prawn Tour, a large itinerant project by Gambero Rosso, aimed at spreading knowledge and culture of extra virgin olive oil and at the same time give visibility and prestige to the Italian green gold.

The cities of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Week: Turin, Milan, Naples, Lecce, Rome and Palermo were the protagonist cities of the Tour, which took place throughout the month of May 2022.

The tour proved to be a great success and an absolute novelty to enhance the quality extra virgin olive oil of 26 companies from various Italian regions and allow the final consumer and operators in the Ho.Re.Ca sector to grasp the differences among the various cultivars being tasted.

Each city hosted the tour for a week, during which restaurants and food and wine shops carefully selected by Gambero Rosso gave the opportunity to taste the various extra virgin olive oils available and on the final day a final event was organised, in which guests were able to meet the owners of the various production companies, taste the oils and discover the fascinating history of each company.

Each stop was able to give us different emotions and flavours, passing from the mysterious Turin in Piazza dei Mestieri, to the elegance and prestige of the Hotel Mèlia in Milan, and then looking out from the suggestive terrace of the Belvedere Carafa over the Gulf of Naples.

Continuing our tour, we stopped at the Chiostro dei Dominicani in Lecce, the beating heart of the Apulian Baroque style, continuing towards Palazzo delle Esposizioni in the beautiful Rome, the Eternal City.

Last stop, but no less important was Palermo, a multi-ethnic city rich in history that was able to welcome us to Palazzo Branciforte, home of the Gambero Rosso cooking school.

In conclusion...

The Gambero Rosso tour took us around Italy , from North to South, in a fantastic immersion in the fascinating world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, giving us the opportunity to meet people and companies with whom we share passions and objectives.

In this indissoluble mix that links the culture of oil to the identity of the land and to quality food and wine tourism, we at the Azienda Agricola Biologica Agrimaggiore hope to have transmitted our passion, our values ​​and our knowledge of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Olive to all the people who had the pleasure of listening to us.

We thank Gambero Rosso for this wonderful experience and we hope that more events related to the world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil will be organised.

Discover all our extra virgin olive oils presented during the Tour :

Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a monocultivar oil with great virtues;

Peranzana Extra Virgin Olive Oil, monocultivar oil with a delicate flavour;

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend, the union of aromas of different crops.

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