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Passion Rooted in 40 Years of Love

I n the heart of Barletta in Puglia, Agrimaggiore, an organic farm, has been a beacon of excellence for over four decades. The Dibenedetto family dedicates its commitment and tradition to the art of cultivating the land, creating a deep bond with the roots of peasant culture to obtain unique and valuable fruits.

The Links to Tradition that Has Grown in the Modern Era

Although we look to the future with ambition and innovation, we never forget our past. We jealously preserve our history and our roots, keeping the memory alive through the ruins present within the company. We are ready and eager to share this precious heritage with all those who share our passion.

The Mission of Agrimaggiore: Sustainability and Responsible Nutrition

Our mission is simple and ambitious at the same time: to reach our customers' tables with a vast range of products, from fruit to finished products such as oil and wine. However, our commitment goes beyond mere nourishment. We are committed to feeding responsibly, protecting the planet we love so much. We believe that air, water and soil are natural resources to be respected and preserved for future generations.

Experience And Innovation

Only those who deeply know the history of their land can bring innovation successfully. Emanuele and Michele, the pillars of the company, guide their children every day through every phase of the production process: they pass on knowledge and love for agriculture.

"We wanted to pass on to our children all the experience passed on by our father and that acquired over the years, with sacrifice and dedication. Only with a lot of commitment can important goals be achieved."

To reach the cutting edge, we invest in innovation, using latest generation machinery and practices for the integrated fight against plant pathogens. These practices safeguard beneficial insects and preserve the environment.

Training and Reliability

Another fundamental pillar of our company is continuous training. The young members of our team enrich the company with their educational background, completing the framework of professional figures involved in the production and commercial process. We want to continue creating excellent products while respecting a tradition that always remains alive in the company.

We create a solid relationship with our customers based on two fundamental elements: quality and traceability. We follow the entire production chain according to European protocols that certify our products, obtained following good agricultural and social practices, excluding the use of pesticides. This represents an advantage for both the consumer and the environment, since we believe that sustainability starts with small gestures.

AUTHENTIC extra virgin olive oil with the taste of tradition, the freshness of innovation and the trust in sustainability.