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Agrimaggiore extra virgin olive oil from Puglia:

The secret touch for perfect recipes

we are the chef's oil, the ideal companion to enhance the flavors of tradition

we are the chef's oil

Born to enrich your culinary creations with its unique character

with Agrimaggiore extra virgin olive oil

the essence of Puglia in your kitchen

Agrimaggiore: The Art of Apulian Olive Oil Excellence

We pursue quality in every aspect.
We offer the consumer a unique experience, in which each product tasted will be able to transmit the scents, sounds and colors of the places in which we grow and are educated.

We are Nature, we are made in Puglia.
discover OUR HISTORY

Give the gift of a sensorial journey into the world of extra virgin olive oil - BUY OUR BOXES NOW !

The chefs' box

The Extra Virgin Organic selection from Agrimaggiore dedicated to all aspiring chefs is the ideal gift for those who love experimenting with new pairing solutions.
Intense fruity, medium or light,
Do you already know which one goes best with your favorite dish?

Buy the Chef Box

The knowledge box

If you are looking for a product that can surprise you, this is the Box for you!
The 250ML trio offers aromas and flavors of our land directly to your table.
Let yourself be pampered by the authenticity of Agrimaggiore: guaranteed results and taste!

Purchase the Knowledge Box

The mini box

Start your journey into the fascinating world of organic extra virgin olive oil by starting from the search for different aromas and intensities of bitterness and spiciness. With the Mini Box you can compare the different cultivars and sharpen your senses by choosing your favourite.
It will be the perfect set to make you fall in love with our highest quality oil!

Buy the Mini Boxes

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New Generation, Ancient Passion

With freshness and innovation we continue to grow and share the passion for a profession as ancient as the world. With courage and ambition, we conquer new markets while always keeping the connection with our beloved land alive.

Let yourself be inspired and experiment with Agrimaggiore oil: a luxury that makes Mediterranean cuisine extraordinary.


Puglian Excellence in the World

Symbol of age-old tradition and culture, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the prince of the table and icon of the Mediterranean diet.

We are attentive custodians of majestic and ancient olive trees that we nourish with love and which give us very precious pearls, from which we obtain an excellent organic oil.


history, innovation and technique

"Our land gives us products of the highest quality that make us fall in love with our work every day. Puglia , infinite and unique love; it is from here that the story of Agrimaggiore begins."

Dibenedetto brothers

"We are the chef's oil: secret essence that transforms simple ingredients into memorable dishes. Drops of art in every culinary creation."

our certifications
We are the fruit of passion, experience and peasant culture handed down from grandfather Francesco that we love and wish to spread.

Read and enter the wonderful world of Agrimaggiore