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Article: Extra virgin olive oil from Puglia: the health benefits

Olio extravergine di oliva Pugliese: i benefici per la salute

Extra virgin olive oil from Puglia: the health benefits

Rich in antioxidants and friendly to cholesterol, extra virgin olive oil is an excellent ally for good health.
But what are the therapeutic properties of extra virgin olive oil? Why is it good for your health? Let's find out together!

Pugliese Extra Virgin Olive Oil , due to its characteristics and the benefits it brings, plays a fundamental role in our well-being and is now recognized throughout the world as a quality product. But why Apulian oil?

There are several factors that contribute to giving Apulian Extra Virgin Olive Oil those excellent qualities for health, starting from the territory of origin and the climate favored by olive trees. The centuries-old olive trees of Puglia, in fact, especially those from which the Coratina olive is obtained.

Coratina , in fact, is a plant extremely resistant to diseases, parasites and climate changes, it adapts to both sandy and calcareous soils. The result? An olive rich in polyphenols, substances that are good for your health and make extra virgin olive oil a real panacea. In fact, the development of polyphenols is favored by climate change.

A coratina olive plant, if subjected to thermal and water stress, to combat free radicals, therefore tends to accumulate polyphenols in the fruits.

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